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THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR is a 'beat'em up' with the odd touch of RPG, in which you can control dozens of characters from the King of Fighters saga. At the start of the game, you can choose between Terry Bogard, Ryo Sakazaki and Kyo Kusanagi; but as you progress through the game, you can unlock many new characters that can join you on your adventure.

The controls of THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR are very intuitive. On the left part of the screen you will find the toggle that controls your character's movement, with which you can use to move through the 3D world. Touching any place on the screen will let you perform normal attacks, while buttons on the right of the screen can be used to carry out special attacks.

The story mode of THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR is very extensive, with more than twenty chapters, divided into different levels. In each of these levels you will come face to face with several normal enemies and with at least one 'boss'. Luckily, you can make a team of up to four characters to complete each level.

THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR is an excellent action game, with a great cast of characters, and extraordinary graphics. A spectacular title, which brings together almost all the characters of the KOF saga.
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